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We love our Patch Products history that was built over the last 30 years, but now we’ve grown and become PLAYMONSTER, the champions of play! So that happy dancing monster in our logo…he’s us. He’s our management team, our sales people, our product creators and designers, our marketers, our warehouse workers, our accountants, our maintenance crew…EVERYONE. Because we’re all BIG ON FUN!

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5 Second Rule®

Just Spit it Out!™Now with more than 150 new cards! It should be easy to name 3 breeds of dogs—but can you do it under the pr...


The Game that Fuzzes your Memory and Buzzes your Brain!™ This lively game will have everyone buzzing! You and your teammates ...

Cheese Dip®

The Cheesy, Sneaky Spelling Game™ Now children can practice spelling in a fun way! Roll the die to see who gets to use their ...


The Classic Dice-Rolling, Risk-Taking Game™. Take a risk, and keep rolling to build your score. Or play it safe so you don't ...

Giant Spoons

The Game of Card Grabbin' and Spoon Snaggin'. Race to get four cards of a kind... then you'd better snag a giant spoon fast i...